​ Dog Waste Dangers

​ Dog Waste Dangers

Posted by Bob Wilson on Apr 21st 2023

There are 80+ millions dogs in the United States alone. Each individual dog provides their owners with endless unconditional love and companionship. Unfortunately, dogs also provide their owners with the unwanted burden of dog waste. Luckily, this is where user friendly/commercial grade dog waste bags come in handy.

Many dog owners are unaware of the dangers of dog waste in their yards and communities. In reality, the waste our dogs leave behind poses numerous hazards to humans, the environment, our lawn and plants.

Dog feces harbor a variety of harmful bacteria and viruses such as giardiasis, salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, tapeworms, ringworm, hookworm, and parvo among others. Since the bacteria and viruses can linger in the soil, they are easily transmitted via contact by a dog or human into the home-- another great reason to use dog waste bags. A single gram of dog feces (about the size of a dime) contains about 23 million fecal coliform bacteria which can cause serious kidney disorders, stomach cramps, diarrhea and intestinal illnesses.

Keep in mind that dog waste attracts rodents and vermin to your yard, park, playground, or community common areas who use it as their primary food source in urban areas. These animals carry a variety of diseases and also bring fleas and ticks into your grass, which in turn can then take up residence on your dogs. Using dog waste bags to properly pick up and dispose of the waste can eliminate this problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deemed dog waste a "nonpoint source of pollution" in 1991, which put dog waste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals! If left uncollected or improperly disposed of, dog waste filters into our groundwater and into waterways, lakes etc., which is another great reason to use dog waste bags.

Finally, dog waste is protein based and not grain based like cow or horse manure, making it unusable as fertilizer for yards and plants. Left unchecked, dog waste will inhibit growth and eventually kills lawn and plants. Try to be sure and always bring along a few dog waste bags so you can clean up after your pet.