OUR MOTTO: Cheap-Priced is way better than Over-Priced. All our competitors are OVERPRICED. We like being the CHEAPEST PRICE.  It drives our competitors crazy. 

Why would ANYBODY pay 1 cent more than they have to? Why would ANYBODY let overpriced brands rip them off? A dog waste bag just needs to get the job done. 

Dog Waste Depot has the CHEAPEST PRICES-- as low as $149.99 for a rust-proof, aluminum, commercial station. As low as $29.89 for 2000 roll bags. That's CHEAP. That's VALUE. Always Free Shipping.
We're also the BIGGEST--our 40,000 square foot warehouse holds more inventory than you'll ever need.  Same day shipping. No excuses. No stories. No kidding.
Q: How can I contact you? 
A: tel: 800.678.1612  (M-F: 6a-4p PT, 9a-7p ET)
    email: info@DogWasteDepot.com   
    fax: 800.583.2169   
    address: 12316 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA  92128
We're a real company, with 24 full-time team members and our own 40,000 sf warehouse. We're not a 'virtual' business that uses 3rd party order fulfillment, or distributors, or answering services, or doesn't list a physical address, or forces you to use an online form to contact them. Call us, 6a to 4p PT, Mon-Fri, and speak with a real person. Doesn't that make your day a lot easier? 800-678-1612.  
Q: How can your prices be SO cheap compared to all the higher priced competitors? It must be lower quality, right?
A: Wrong. We built a business that cuts OUT the middleman and distributor. We sell direct to you. That saves 25%. We don't use a fulfillment warehouse. That saves another 16%. We produce in huge volumes, allowing us to lower our costs by 19%. Because of our huge volumes, we have great shipping rates with all the carriers, saving another 12%. The hard work we did to create our efficient, high-volume business model, allows us to produce bags and stations, with the highest product specifications, for a delivered price that's up to 70% lower than theirs. Our competitors don't know what to do, so they try to convince you that our quality must be lower. It's not. The only thing 'CHEAP' about us is our PRICE and our competitors can't compete with that fact
Q: Do your bags fit other dispensers?
A: We guarantee our bags will fit. If they don't fit your dispensers, we'll send you our bag dispensers for free. 
Q: Is it easy to purchase from Dog Waste Depot?
A: Yes. It's easy as 1,2,3.  
1) Municipality, City, Town, County, Gov't Agency, you're automatically APPROVED for Net 30 terms. We accept Purchase Orders, too. Choose BILL ME NET 30, at checkout. Your order ships today. We'll email an invoice and our W9, or you can download it W9 & Certificate of Insurance, so you can easily set us up as a vendor and pay by check, credit card or ACH. If you prefer to phone, fax or email your order, that's OK, too! How's that for easy?  
2) Property Management or other businesses--if you've been established for 2 years you can request terms, by selecting BILL ME NET 30, at checkout.  How's that for easy?
(Note: If your company requires our sign up thru a 3rd party payment or credentials service, to process payment of our invoice, please contact us before placing your order. We do not pay 3rd party portal sign up fees. You may wish to pay by credit card to speed your order along, today.)   
3) No forms to fill out, no account number needed, no red tape – none of that nonsense our competitors put you through. How's that for easy?                                                                                              
We KNOW you're busy. That's why our easy-to-use website, and how we treat our customers, is all about business – getting you what you need, at the cheapest price, shipped same day, with no hassle. Our website doesn't have self-serving 'blogs', or contrived 'stories of dog adventures', or anything else to distract you from getting what you need--and what you need is to place your order, so you can get back to your busy day. Order in less than 60 seconds online, by phone, fax or email. It's that easy. You're a professional and we treat you like one.  
Cut through the baloney our competitors use to try to convince you that their over-priced bags are 'worth it'. They tell you their company is dependable, experienced, blah, blah, blah –all 'spin' to avoid the real fact that their bags and stations are ridiculously OVERPRICED. Don't fall for their double-talk. Call us. We'll send you a sample of OUR bag and THEIR bag. Then, YOU decide who is hype and who is REAL–real, honest value. 
Q: Is your company fully insured? 
A: Yes. You can download our Certificate of Insurance here: W9 & Certificate of Insurance 
Q: Do I pay Sales Tax?
A: We charge the applicable sales tax for orders delivered to addresses within the state(s) where we hold a nexus. For orders shipped to other areas, or if we fail to collect sales tax, you (the customer) are solely responsible for any sales taxes and/or other taxes that may apply. Please consult your local state's website for how to file a sales and use tax for out of state purchases you make. If you are charged sales tax and believe you are tax-exempt, please contact us.
Q: Are all dog waste bags basically the same?
A: Yes, Yes, Yes! They all use the same material – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Low- Density Polyethylene (LDPE), or a blend.  So, when an overpriced supplier tries to tell you that their bag is 'better' and worth DOUBLE our price – that's just pure nonsense.  In fact, it's highway robbery. When they tell you, their high prices are 'great' ask them, "Great for who--supplier or customer?" 
Ask them what they mean when say their bags are better 'quality'. Do they have a lab test that shows their bags are better, or higher quality? Nothey don't. They'll fumble around for an answer and then have to admit that all dog waste bags get the same job done – they all pick up dog waste. When they try to convince you that 'cheap is just cheap'-- ask them why their bags are so overpriced. Our prices are CHEAP, because they're great for you.  No spin. No fine print. Real VALUE! 
A dog waste bag is a commodity – price is all that matters. And nobody ever beats our cheap prices. Our case of 2000, leak-proof, ROLL BAGS is as low as $29.99FREE SHIPPING. Nobody beats that. Save money on bags and use the savings somewhere else in your budget. Don't let our competitors rip you off. Why would anyone pay as much as $150.99, plus shipping, from our so-called competitors when you can buy 2000, leak-proof, thick, universal-fit roll bags from us for as low as $29.99. Free shipping, too.
Q: Are your LOW PRICES and FREE SHIPPING for limited time only?  
A: Nope. These are our everyday, cheap prices.  We mean it – Cheapest prices, period.
Dog Waste Depot is the largest dog waste products supplier in the USA. 
Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders (POs)? 
A: Yes, absolutely. We will ship and bill you Net 30 terms. 
(Note: if your company requires sign up thru a 3rd party payment and credentials service, prior to processing our invoice for Net 30 payment, please contact us before placing your order)
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Q: Why compare Price Per Bag instead of Price Per Case?
A: Some suppliers offer different case pack quantities, so you can't always compare the case price to find the lowest cost. You need to calculate the price per bag. To do that, take the price per case and add the shipping, to get the delivered case price. Then, simply divide the delivered price per case by the number of bags per case, to get the price per bag. Then compare the price per bag and choose the lowest. HINT: It's always Dog Waste Depot®.   
Q: Why Compare Delivered Prices?
A: Dog Waste Depot NEVER charges for shipping. FREE SHIPPING, always. Almost all of our competitors charge for shipping. Some have such outrageous shipping charges that add 20-50% MORE to the cost of the product you ultimately pay for! Always add the cost of the product AND the shipping, to get the true, DELIVERED PRICE.   
The most outrageously priced are tiny suppliers, using fulfillment centers that charge enormous order picking, storage and shipping fees that have to go somewhere – that somewhere is into the HIGHER, OUTRAGEOUS prices they charge you!  Never buy from an overpriced supplier that ships from a fulfillment center. 
Choose Dog Waste Depot–Free Shipping from our warehouse, always. Cheapest Prices, period.
OUR PROMISE-- If we can't beat the price you're paying now, for a comparable bag, we'll ship you a year's supply of our bags for FREE!  Ask our competitors to match that promise. They can't and won't.
Q: How do I select the lowest price supplier?
A: Our competitors use gimmicks to deliberately try to confuse you. They use words like "free – call for details", "only with coupon", "limited time", "hurry, while supplies last", "20% off, today only",  "subscription program required", etc. They intentionally make it difficult to actually figure out their prices! If they are offering something for "free", why should there be any 'details' to call them about, unless it's really not 'free' at all? When you can't figure out their prices or they use 'bait and switch' tactics – run and find an honest supplier! Dog Waste Depot® is totally transparent and honest about our prices, products, and service. 
Q: You have a FIVE STAR  review rating – why don't your competitors?
A: Our certified FIVE STAR feedback rating means that actual customers have given us their highest rating. Competitors can't beat our FIVE STAR customer feedback rating! * * * * *  
Q: Is Dog Waste Depot® the lowest priced supplier in the USA? 
A: Yes. Our competitors KNOW we're the lowest priced, yet they continue to say that they have the lowest prices on stations and bags. What else are they disingenuous about?
Q: Is there printing or any advertising on your bags?
A: No. All our bags are plain, unprinted. We don't advertise our name on your property. We can't imagine why anyone would allow a vendor's logo, website and phone number printed all over the bags you're paying for!
Q: How many bag dispenser and bag types are there?  
A: The two most common types of commercial dispensers are – the Roll Bag dispenser and the Header Bag dispenser. If your bags are on a continuous roll, which requires the user to pull out and tear off at a perforation, then you use the ROLL BAG style. If the bags are FLAT PACKED and hang from rods or hooks inside the dispenser, then you need our Trademarked ONEpul® Bag or The MittN Bag (header/card/mitt style). We also offer Tie-Handle Roll Bags, which fit all HD Supply®/Poopy Pouch® tie-handle dispensers and bags that match Doggie Walk Bags' Tissue-Style Bag, scented bag and an EZ-TIE Header Bag that matches www.dogpoopbags.com's EZ Tabbed Bag.
If we don't have a bag that matches what you're using now, we will send you FREE DISPENSERS so you can switch to any of our bags and start saving.
Q: How many bags do your dispensers hold?
A: Our Roll Bag Dispenser allows 3 rolls (600 bags) at a time to dispense and stores 2 back up rolls inside for a total of 1000 bags. No other roll bag dispenser holds or dispenses more. The ONEpul® and The MittN Bag dispenser holds and dispenses 800 bags at a time. No other header dispenser holds more. Our Tie-Handle bag dispenser holds and dispenses 600 bags and Tissue-Style and EZ-TIE dispensers hold 420-600 bags.

Q: Header Bags vs. Roll Bags-- which are best? 
A: Despite some claims from companies which heavily promote roll bags, our observation studies and feedback from customers have shown that there is significantly less inadvertent dispensing of header bags vs. roll bags. 

We know of no scientific study that shows that pick up rates were better with rolled bags either. Promotors that claim that dog owners who happened to take an additional bag from the dispenser, use it later when they are not conveniently close to a dispenser are just wishful thinking. No ‘study’ we know of can substantiate that claim. That’s just nonsense from companies that promote roll bags (and then offer hanging/header bags anyhow). 

Header bags are a better choice than roll bags. Header bags are bigger than roll bags. They usually have a side or end gusset that expands, making them easier for larger pick-ups. That means less potential for a user to need a second roll bag or need to double-bag a roll bag. 

There is less inadvertent dispensing with header bags. So, they cost less in the long run. 

Vandals can easily pull out an entire ’streamer’ of roll bags. It’s not as easy (or fun) to pull one more header bag at a time for a would-be vandal. So, if you're starting a new dog waste program, choose one of our header bag options.  

Q: What about dispensers that convert from one bag to another, use inserts, or other contraptions?
A: Pure nonsense. From our 32 years of history in the dog waste products business, the BEST choice is to select a dispenser that is built specifically for the bag you have selected. The reality is that you're not going to switch back and forth between bag styles. That's just hype from companies that want to sell you their 'contraptions'. Remember the car-boat... the car you drove into the water and it was supposed to function as a boat, too? It even had a patent. That never worked out so well either, did it? Multi-purpose products usually don't fulfill any purpose very well.
Playing around with dispensers that convert from one bag to another is asking for trouble. Those 'multi-bag' dispensers can create user inconvenience and confusion. Those 'combo' dispensers might be able to hold 2 or 3 different bags, but they don't do a very good job of dispensing any bag. They don't give you more flexibility, they actually give you more headachesSo, do what the professionals do---use a dispenser that was made for the bag style selected.
Q: What's The Dispenser Swap Program?  
A: Dog Waste Depot's® Dispenser Swap Program lets you change your bag dispensers FOR FREE anytime you wish to switch to one of our other bag styles. So, avoid contraptions and multi-bag dispensers that hold 2 bag types in 1 dispenser. Your BEST CHOICE is a dispenser that was designed for your bag. Let our 58,500+ customers be your guide.
Q: How many bags do I need to start?
A: In a Dog Park, usage is 500-2000 bags per month, per dispenser. In a Condo/Apartment or HOA setting, plan for 300-800 bags per month. Usage can vary widely, however. The Dog Waste Depot® warehouse is fully stocked and we ship every order the same day, so you never have to overstock your inventory. 
Q: Are your Stations made from Aluminum?
A: Yes. Our Stations are built from commercial grade, rustproof, heavy gauge aluminum. Our square, telescoping, steel posts are the same, heavy-duty, galvanized posts used by municipalities. Smart managers specify steel posts, because the breakable aluminum posts, or weak U-channel posts, that some competitors sell, are just not strong enough for commercial use. Some competitors sell plastic stations with plastic posts that crack and fade, or steel cans and steel dispensers that will rust. Dog Waste Depot offers a rustproof, commercial, aluminum, UV-coated station, with a super-strong, galvanized, steel post and a 5-Year Warranty for as low as $159.99, free shipping. Nobody beats that.
Q: Is Installation of a Dog Waste Station easy?
A: Yes. We send complete instructions with each station. Allow 45 minutes for installation. No special skills or special tools required (you'll just need: 2 adjustable pliers, shovel or post hole digger, water and a bag of ready-mix cement). Every Dog Waste Depot® team member is required to pass our Station Installer Certification. So, you can always call us for expert installation advice, or watch our YOUTUBE installation video.
Q: How fast do you ship?
A: All orders received by 6pm ET are shipped the SAME DAY. We stock everything in our own warehouse and ship with our own staff, the same day you place the order. No drop shipping from a remote warehouse, and no back orders, ever.
Q: How fast will my order arrive?
A: Northeast/Mid Atlantic 4-5 days; Southeast/Mid-West 3-4 days; Southwest, West, Northwest 1-3 days. We ship from our own warehouse – not a fulfillment warehouse.
Q: Can I get an automatic shipment every month or on the schedule I request?
A: Yes. Just let us know what you need, how often, and we'll do the rest, perfectly.
Q: Do I have to buy through a distributor?  
A: No, we ONLY sell direct to our customers. You SAVE money buying direct, instead of paying a distributor mark-up. We're the best and cheapest dog waste products company, specializing in selling DIRECT to Professional Managers. Why would anyone buy through a distributor and overpay? It's the internet age – distributors are dinosaurs.  
Q:  What is the PROP 65 Statement for CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS?
A: PROP 65 WARNING: Our products may expose you to materials, known to the State of California, that can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.
Q: Why is Dog Waste Depot® my Best Choice?
A: Don't judge us by what we say – judge us by our loyal customers. If our quality, price and service wasn't that good, would 58,500+ customers have made us the #1, low-priced, commercial dog waste products supplier in the USA? We thank each and every one of our loyal customers. (And, we thank our over-priced competitors, too!)  It's official---Our company is the largest, and oldest, supplier of commercial dog waste bags in the USA! 
We've tried and field tested every bag and station.  We have the expertise to know what works best for professional managers. We've got you covered.
Q: Why is Dog Waste Depot® such a large and dependable supplier? 
A: Our company actually produces bags and stations, under private label, for some other well-known brands. How's that for a testimonial? We even make bags and stations for some of our competitorsWe know the dog waste products business better than anybody. Our company has been supplying a full line of dog waste stations and bags, direct to end users, since 1989, longer than any other dog waste products supplier. Cheapest prices, period.
Q: Why are Dog Waste Depot® prices so "cheap", compared to competitors?  
A: Yes 'cheap' – we're proud of that word! We simply know how to do it better, faster and price it cheaper than everybody else. This is all we do. We're not in politics or working part time jobs somewhere else. We don't use fulfillment warehouses, answering services, or distributors. We don't hype ourselves on social media. We don't exaggerate our size, capabilities or product specs. We're here working hard, FULL TIME, for YOU, to bring YOU the CHEAPEST prices on bags and stations. FREE SHIPPING, TOO. We dare our competitors to BEAT our cheap, delivered prices. They charge higher prices and expect YOU to pay for their inexperience, inefficiency and lack of focus. If you pay more than our cheap, delivered prices, you're being ripped-off by our competitors. And that's just plain wrong.

Q: What's the 
Dog Waste Depot® Advantage? 
A: We ONLY use high-speed, highly efficient equipment to produce our products. We're THAT large. And that large VOLUME brings our costs way down lower than anyone else's. So, we can sell the same size, thickness, and quality bag at a price that's CHEAPER than anybody else's. In fact, we can sell at a price that's below what some of our competitors actually buy their bags for.
Q: What's Dog Waste Depot's mission? 
A: Our success is rooted in the classic story of the dedicated work ethic that built this great, diverse country. Our full-time staff ranges from 18 to 92 years old. Our diverse team hails from CT, NY, NJ, CA, FL, WA, CO, TX, AL, WY, IL, NV and GA. Four team members are fluent in Spanish. One is a decorated Veteran. We're all here to get the job done for YOU. We work harder than any other dog products supplier to fulfill our mission – to give YOU, our customers, the Cheapest Prices, period.
A: Call us and we'll send you OUR bag and ANY competitors' bag you choose (Our competitors would never dare do that). Then you can compare and make your own decision. If you want to keep overpaying for THEIR bag, you can do that, or you can switch to the CHEAPEST PRICE in the USA and save money....real savings you can spend elsewhere in your budget, or put on your bottom line. 
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept checks and credit cards – VISA, MC, American Express and Discover. PayPal, too! If you're a municipalityproperty manager, or established business, we can bill you Net 30 days and you can pay the invoice by check or ACH. Just select the BILL ME NET 30 DAYS option in the shopping cart. If you are an individual customer, please select credit card or PayPal, only. 
(Note: If your company requires our sign up thru a 3rd party payment or credentials service, to process payment of our invoice, please contact us before placing your order. We do not pay 3rd party portal sign up fees. You may wish to pay by credit card to speed your order along, today.)  
Q: What size are your bags?
A: Roll Bags are 8" W x 13" L and fit ANY roll bag dispenser. The roll itself is 8" W x 2.75" D. Our Trademarked ONEpul® bags are 9" W x 14.5" L and fit all header/mitt style bag dispensers. Tie-Handle bags are 7" W x 15" L, and fit all Poopy Pouch® jumbo roll dispensers; and The MittN Bag™ header bags are  8-1/2" W x 12" L with 5" end gusset pouch, and fit all header/mitt style bag dispensers.
Q: What are the case pack quantities?
A:Our Roll Bags come in a case of 2000, 4000 or 6000 bags. Our Trademarked ONEpul® Bags come in a box of 800, or a case of 3200 (4 boxes of 800). The Tie-Handle Bags are packed 2400 bags (8 rolls of 300) and The MittN Bag header bags are packed 2000 bags (20 headers of 100) per case.
Q: What's the story on bio-based bags? 
A: If our competitors claim that their bags have bio-based content, or agricultural content, or are made from bio-film, or are biodegradable, compostable, oxo-biodegradable, or earth-friendly, ask them for proof, in writing. A competitor's bag was recently tested by a  certified lab and the results showed that their "bio-film, 38% agricultural product", claims were 100% false – their bags contained no bio-content at all. They'll do anything to try to compete with Dog Waste Depot® – even resort to deceptive and illegal product claims. Don't let them deceive you. The Federal Trade Commission has outlawed all such claims.
LEGAL WARNING: The Federal Trade Commission has made it illegal for dog waste bag manufactures to make any unsubstantiated environmental bag claims. If you buy dog waste bags that claim to be bio-based, or oxo-biodegradable, degradable, compostable, made from recycled material, printed with the 'chasing arrow' symbol, or claim to be environmentally friendly, and you distribute those bags to your residents under those pretenses, you may be legally liable for those illegal claims. Read through our competitors' websites. If they make any unsubstantiated, bio-based, bio-film, degradable, oxo-biodegradable or recycled claims, don't buy their bags. You don't need a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission, or from your residents.
In California, no supplier of dog waste bags can make any environmental benefit claims unless their bags meet ASTM6400. Bags that claim to meet ASTM6954 are deceptive and in violation of California Law.  Do not take the risk of buying them.
Q: Can you ship anywhere?
A: We ship for FREE to our 48 contiguous states. Email, or call, for reduced shipping rates to Hawaii and Alaska. 
Q: Are you a middleman or manufacturer?  
A: Manufacturer. Our products are made for us in our partner factories on machinery we own. We warehouse every item in our own, fully staffed, spotless, "eat off the floor", clean, 40,000 sf facility. That's how we're able to provide same day shipping service and low prices. We've been in the dog waste products business for 32 years. Buy with 100% confidence
Q: Why is Dog Waste Depot® so popular with property managers?
A: We're the largest, low-priced supplier in the USA. We have our own warehouse and office team– we don't use 3rd party fulfillment centers, like competitors who can't afford their own warehouse/office. Those fly-by-nights operate from a laptop computer and pretend they are a real 'company'. Ask them for their physical office and warehouse address, then Google it. Chances are it's a UPS store, or a fulfillment warehouse, or their home. Using 3rd party warehousing only adds to costs and explains why they can't sell as CHEAP as Dog Waste Depot. Those tiny, wanna-be vendors don't have the financial ability or operational experience. They don't hold much inventory and will run out just when you need your order the most. Don't take the risk.
Q: Are you experts in dog waste products? 
A: Yes. We specialize in dog waste products and we don't outsource anything. Some competitors outsource their warehousing, shipping, phone answering, suppliers, logistics – so how can they possibly be 'experts' if they outsource it all? The simple answer is that they can't, and they aren't.  
Avoid competitors that pretend they are something they aren't. Ask them if they use a fulfillment warehouse or if they have an actual warehouse that they operate themselves with their own employees who directly supervise their inventory's security and safety. Ask them if the person who answers the phone is an answering service or a company employee. Ask them if they have part time jobs or other outside positions or commitments. Ask them how many years' experience they have in the dog waste products industry, not in some other business or local politics. How does non-specific experience benefit you? You need a full-time dog waste products expert. 
How will you explain to your colleagues that you made a big mistake and that station you bought from a tiny, fly-by-night needs warranty replacement and they're out of business. You're out of luck.
Call us. Get the real, genuine deal–at half their price. Don't let them fool you. You're too smart for that. 
Q: Will you be here tomorrow? 
A: Yes. We've been in the dog waste product business since 1989, always 100% in-stock, in our own, fully company-staffed, office and warehouse. Dog Waste Depot® never runs out of supply. You can rely on us, just like our 58,500+ customers do.
Q: What if I'm not 100% happy with my purchase? 
A: That's easy. If you're not 100% happy with the quality, or performance, of any of our products, we'll accept return for full refund, or we'll replace the item – you decide. We'll even pay to ship your order back to us. We're not happy, 'till you're happy.
Q: Why are your bags and stations a much better value than competitors?
A: Three very simple reasons:
1) We sell direct, so there is no middleman mark-up.
2) Our prices are the lowest in the USA.
3) We are committed to helping communities establish a dog waste program, to make our environment as healthy and clean as it can be. 
ONEpul® is a Registered Trademark of ZW USA INC. All rights reserved and enforced. 
© Copyright ZW USA INC 2021