How to Properly Maintain Your Stations

How to Properly Maintain Your Stations

Posted by Bob Wilson on Nov 30th 2022

Once the decision has been made to install dog waste stations as part of your dog waste management program, may people believe that's all that needs to be done right? To ensure your stations last and hold up to moderate or heavy use, there are a few simple things that should be done every month or at least on a quarterly basis.

Your first goal of dog waste station maintenance is simple. About once or twice per month, each station should be inspected to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight. This can be done by hand to feel the tightness of the bolts, but realistically a wrench should be used to make sure all fixtures are tight and holding everything securely to the post.

Another simple way to keep dog waste stations in optimal working order is the lubrication of any moving parts. First identify any part of your station that has a hinge such as the opening of the dog bag dispenser or the lid of your trash can. Any industrial lubricant will work fine for this task. Once the moving parts have been identified, spray or apply a very small amount of lubricant to the hinges and joints. Be sure to wipe any excess lubricant so that it doesn't make its way onto the dog waste bags or onto any user's hands.

Following these very basic instructions will help keep your dog waste stations looking and working properly for years to come.